Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) Guidelines

  1. Everyone in the building will read for pleasure for 10 minutes from 9:33-9:49 a.m.  This includes teachers, students, secretaries, and the principal.
  2. Each person will read something of their own choosing for pleasure.  This may be a novel, magazine, short stories, etc., however, everyone must be reading.  (The item being read must be school appropriate.)
  3. Students will not be asked to do an assignment based on their reading.  (Teachers may ask students to do extra credit assignments but no mandatory assignments shall be based on the free reading time.)
  4. Students who do not bring a book will have to choose from a book that the teacher has in their classroom selection. 
  5. Students are not allowed to write during SSR time.
  6. No passes to the office or to the bathrooms will be allowed during SSR time.


Period Start Time End Time
1st Hour 7:50 AM 8:39 AM
2nd Hour 8:44 AM 9:33 AM
SSR 9:33 AM 9:49 AM
3rd Hour 9:54 AM 10:43 AM
4th Hour See Lunch Schedule See Lunch Schedule
5th Hour 12:12 PM 1:01 PM
6th Hour 1:06 PM 1:55 PM
7th Hour 2:00 PM 2:49 PM

Lunch Schedule

Lunch is divided into two segments, A and B Lunch. Below are the times for those periods.

A Lunch B Lunch
Lunch 10:43 AM - 11:18 AM 4th Hour 10:48 AM - 11:37 AM
4th Hour 11:18 AM - 12:12 PM Lunch 11:37 AM - 12:12 PM