Board of Education

Welcome to Clinton Community Schools

The Mission of Clinton Community Schools is to provide a safe and healthy environment, educating and preparing every person to be explorers and life-long learners.

Board meetings for the 2017-2018 school year will be the 3rd Monday of each month in the High School Student Center* (formerly the Media Center), at 6:06 PM. This is a change from last years' start time of 7:07 PM. 

*The October 16, 2017 meeting will be held in the Middle School Library.

*The November 20, 2017 meeting will be held in the Elementary School Library.


The Vision of Clinton Community Schools is to inspire and empower endless possibilities for every person.


  • We Believe Every Person Matters.
  • We Believe A Collaborative Culture Promotes High Achievement and Innovation.
  • We Believe Successful Schools are a Shared Responsibility of Students, Parents, Staff, and Community
  • We Believe Every Person has Opportunities to Reach Their Full Potential.

Board Goals

  • Board will complete an annual and rotating monthly review of the five strategic plan committees.
  • Board will complete an annual self-evaluation each October.
  • Board will work to be a fully certified board by July 2018.

Clinton Community Schools Strategic Plan 

Clinton Community Schools Bylaws and Policies

Board Postings

Policy Committee October 16, 2017

Finance Committee October 9, 2017

Ad-Hoc Student Town Hall September 25, 2017

Finance Committee Meeting September 18, 2017

Finance Committee Meeting September 11, 2017 - CANCELLED/RESCHEDULED to 9/18/17

Board Workshop August 21, 2017

Board Workshop July 17th, 2017

Supt Evaluation Committee July 17th, 2017

Finance Committee Meeting July 10th, 2017

Limited Tax Pledge Notice June 19th, 2017

Board Agenda

School Board Agenda October 16, 2017

School Board Agenda September 18, 2017

School Board Agenda August 21, 2017

School Board Agenda July 17th, 2017

School Board Agenda June 26th, 2017

School Board Agenda June 19th, 2017

Board Notes

Board Notes October 16, 2017

Board Notes September 18, 2017

Board Notes August 21, 2017

Board Notes July 17th, 2017

Board Notes June 19th, 2017

Board Minutes

Student Town Hall September 25, 2017

Finance Committee September 18, 2017

Board Minutes September 18, 2017

Board Workshop August 21, 2017

Board Minutes August 21, 2017

Finance Committee August 14, 2017

Board Minutes July 17, 2017

Superintendent Evaluation Committee July 17, 2017

Board Workshop July 17, 2017

Finance Committee Meeting July 10, 2017

Board Minutes June 26th, 2017

Board Minutes June 19th, 2017

Board of Education 2017-2018

Kevin Ward
Board Secretary
Kelly Schmidt
Board President
Steve Clegg
Board Treasurer
Chad Erickson
Board Trustee
Monica VanTuyle
Board Trustee
Dale Wingerd
Board Trustee
Shirley Harris
Board Vice President
Clinton School Board for 2016 2017 School Year

Ad Hoc Committees

* Committee Chairperson

Finance, Building, and Grounds Policy, and Bylaws Student Town Hall Superintendent Evaluation
Clegg* Harris* Clegg* Ward*
Ward Wingerd Schmidt Wingerd
Erickson VanTuyle Erickson VanTuyle

LCASB - Dale Wingerd       
MASB LEGISLATIVE  - Shirley Harris

2016-2017 Board Minutes